“Tambor de Crioula, Resist to Exist” is a short-movie web-series and a 20 minutes length short-movie. It was produced and filmed during the “Encontro de Tambor de Crioula das Comunidades Quilombolas do Maranhão” (Festival of Tambor de Crioula of the Quilombola Communities of Maranhão State) in June 2023.

Quilombos, or quilombola communities, are settlements spread throughout the Brazilian territory where escaped enslaved people resided. Over the centuries, these communities have become a crucial part of the Afro-Brazilian political struggle and a key element in preserving their culture and ancestry.

In this context, “Tambor de Crioula” is a cultural expression intrinsically connected to this resistance.

This Afro-Brazilian manifestation takes place in various municipalities of Maranhão, involving dance, singing, percussion, and religious festivals. It pays homage to “Benedict the Moor,” a Sicilian Franciscan friar born to enslaved Africans, who was freed at birth and became known for his charity.

The “Tambor de Crioula” was recognized as Brazilian Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2007 by IPHAN (The National Historic and Artistic Heritage Institute).

The web series comprises 10 episodes, each dedicated to one of the old masters who still carry a part of Brazilian culture.

Format: Short documentary & Short movie web series