Ivan Abreu has worked with prominent media companies and organisations (NGOs) in providing custom-made trainings on visual storytelling, technical skills in photography and/or film making, and editing. 

The workshops are upbeat hands-on sessions, based on exercises, theoretical presentations, and showcases of all stages of multimedia production. Participants learn how to craft engaging visual narratives while acquiring the skills to execute productions: workflow, pre-production, studio, location shooting, post production and communication strategy.

The workshops and mentorships are suitable for students, journalists, filmmakers, photographers and other media professionals or organisations. Ivan designs and delivers the workshops and mentor programs worldwide. He’s previously executed projects in Brazil, China, Thailand and The Netherlands, amongst other places.

Interested parties can reach out to discuss feasibility and program requirements via email

Branding and Online Editorial Video Workshop – Summit Media, Philippines

A series of workshops and hands-on training, accompanied by consultancy on online video and multimedia production at Summit Media PH and Storylabs, publishers of international magazines as Squire, Cosmopolitan, Top Gear, FHM, amongst others.

Master Class – FiPP Asian Pacific Singapore 

“How to develop and tell engaging visual stories for a mobile world”, a master class presented during the FIPP Asian Pacific conference.
Read the interview on “Video In Focus”

Photography, Video Production and Visual Literacy Workshop & Mentorship

Organised by FADWU (Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions) and The Rights Exposure project – Hong Kong

Theory and training in multimedia production and visual literacy for the Media Team of FADWU associates.

Documentary Production Workshop and Consultancy – Hong Kong University

A series of workshops and accompanied by consultancy on filmmaking and documentary narrative, at the Linguistic Department of Hong Kong University during the research program about endangered Hong Kong local languages.

Multimedia and Video Journalism Workshop – organised by The Paper.cn and China Daily Asia. Shanghai – China

Theory and training in multimedia and video journalism for 22 writing journalists from The Paper.cn.

Multimedia Journalism Workshop – organised by Asian News Network and The Nation. Bangkok – Thailand

Multimedia Fellowship Programme: theory and training in multimedia journalism for 25 journalists of different mediums from 12 Asian countries.

Documentary Production and Narrative Workshop – Hong Kong University

Introduction to documentary filmmaking and documentary narrative, production and post-production in video platforms for students at the Linguistic Department of Hong Kong University – via the Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre

Video Journalism Mentorship – special activities for young Dutch journalists

Debating themes related to journalistic angles, storytelling development, and safety while working on the field –via Lokaalmondial, Amsterdam.